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Others have speculated on Mr Banister before, this time on the Night…

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Others have speculated on Mr Banister before, this time on the Night Shade Books Discussion board....

* = the start & end of a new comment in the exchange

*Phyllis Eisenstein's "Born to Exile" stories or Manly Wade Wellman's Silver John? I assume you mean the latter because they had a gritty fantasy setting rather than a Smoky Mountain feel.*

*Wellman's, yes. I kept thinking "Manly Bannister" when I tried to remember the author's name.*

* "That's a heck of a manly bannister you've got there."

"Well, we tried installing a womanly stair-rail but the boys wouldn't stop sliding down from morning till night. This seems to have done the trick."

"Except for Eustace there. He seems rather fond of this one."

"Well, he's always been prone to such things. Last summer on our architectural tour, we had to peel him away from every flying buttress we encountered."*

* Marc, you've gone a step too far this time. Don't you realize you're encouraging the homosexual bannister agenda? And everyone knows a manly bannister is a mannister.*

* Actually, there was an author named Manly (Manley?) Bannister back in the days of Weird Tales. His most reprinted story is "Eena," about a hunter who falls in love with a female werewolf.*

*Not to be fussy, but isn't it Manly Banister (with one n)?*

*Fussy Banister was Manly Banister's spinster cousin, who wrote an etiquette column for the Didn't Really Exist Bugle-Picayune.*
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